Caleb Frank







Sports Central Producer







Like the great Joel Embiid said, “Trust the process”, my name is Caleb Frank, and I am a producer
for Sports Central! I was an anchor on the show
last year and also played the role of Travis
in MHTV’s The Element of Trace (2018).
I workfor CMU athletics and also play dodgeball.
In my free time I enjoy beating my friends
(aka Logan) in NBA 2K, hanging with friends, debating sport topics, rooting for the Washington Football Team, and winning the first ever sports central fantasy football league! I’m excited to make some awesome Sports Central content this year!




Contact me at


To contact me, email me at

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Logan Lewandowski




Sports Central Producer



I’m Logan Lewandowski and I am a producer
for Sports Central for MHTV. This will be my second year being a part of Sports Central. I also work
for the Chippewa Sports Network as well as being the Play-by-Play guy for the CMU division 2 hockey team. I love sports, disc golf, and hanging
with friends. After I graduate, I hope to continue
in the sports broadcasting field calling games
or working production.




Kait Helmholtz


Summit Sessions Live Producer


Hey there! I'm Kait Helmholtz
and I am a co-producer for Summit Sessions Live
this year! I am entering my senior year majoring
in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts with a double minor in Leadership and Multi-Media Design.
Alongside doing SSL, I am Vice President of the Film Society, and a sound designer for the theater department. I am thrilled to get to do another season of SSL!



Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to get involved with SSL, my email is

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Oswin Wernette








Summit Sessions Live Producer





Hello, my name is Oswin, I am a CMU 5th year majoring in BCA and minoring in theatre.
I’ve been with MHTV and working with SSL since
my sophomore year. I also work for campus athletics sports broadcasting. In my future, I would love to continue my work in live television and theatre.






email me at


Michelle Powers








On The Spot  Producer





I am a senior and she is thrilled to be a producer and co-creator of On The Spot! She herself has been doing improv for 7 years (true story) and has even crossed state lines to perform in competitive improv tournaments (it’s a thing). One time someone Venmoed her a dollar after a show, so technically she’s allowed to say she’s a professional because she got paid for doing improv, right? She’s so excited to combine 2 of her favorite things (improv and television production) into this great project and hopes everyone enjoys it as much as she does! Also, Andrew Michaan if you’re reading this, please come be a guest on our show, I’m a huge fan, it would be an honor.





email me at

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Tyler Isanhart







On the Spot producer





My name is Tyler Isanhart, I’m a senior, my passion is comedy and acting. I’ve been anchor for CVL for 2 years and current anchor for NC. I’m also the cooking host for morning central and co-producer and co-creator of On the Spot!





email me at


My name is Hailey Nelson and I am one of the producers for WAVZ, the new horror anthology series. I am a Broadcast and Cinematic Arts major with a double minor is Multi-Media Design and Marketing. I graduate this May and will travel abroad for 6 months before returning to the US to find a job as a Production Assistant in the film industry.




Hailey Nelson



WAVZ Producer





email me at

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