Covid-19 information


                                                                     Health Safety Plan: Preventive

Personal face coverings are required in any enclosed public space on campus

  • Including the studios and computer labs in Moore Hall.

  • The MHTV E-Staff office will be closed until further notice.

  • See FAQ on the Human Resources website for more details.


Supervisors are expected to ensure staff demonstrate self-enforcement of social distancing
protocols in all areas. 

  • Including in all common areas such as the hallway to the offices and in the studio.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) distribution, specifically N-95 and medical-grade masks,
are limited, with priority given to front line staff including healthcare, law enforcement, and as required by OSHA/MIOSHA. 

  • PPE will be requested, purchased and distributed through .


Everyone is encouraged to self-monitor their temperature and any symptoms before coming on campus every day.


Health safety plan: Reactive

Anyone who feels ill or has symptoms not due to a pre-existing underlying chronic health condition are required to stay home.

  • Supervisors may direct an students to go home if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 as identified by the CDC:
                                             o Fever.                                                                 o Headache.
                                             o Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.     o Muscle pain.
                                             o Coughing.                                                           o Headache.
                                             o Chills.                                                                  o Sore throat. 
                                             o Repeated shaking with chills.                            o Recent loss of the sense of taste or smell.