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Please be sure to reach out to the producers and team leaders by clicking on their name below to contact them through Slack. They will be able to add you to the correct channel.



What shows can you join?




Sports Central


Producers: Caleb Frank and Logan Lewandowski



Sports Central is the bi-weekly post-produced studio talk show all about CMU, Mt. Pleasant, and Michigan sports. Students do everything from writing, to shooting, and producing each episode. This is a great opportunity to get expereince on camera and behind the scenes!



summit sessions live




Producers: Oswin Wernette and Kait Helmholtz



Summit Sessions Live (SSL) is a live music show that showcases solo artists and bands from all over Michigan. In coalition with the crew from Moore Media Records, SSL is simulcasted bi-weekly on Youtube, MHTV, and 91.5 The Mountain. 



News Central




Producer: Emma Hug



News Central is a student-produced evening newscast that keeps students and community members up to date on the latest local and national news stories.


Production Team



Manager: Rachel Napier



The MHTV Production Team is the group to join for those who have a vision to create. As a group, we work on all of the content outside of narrative based shows. Whether you’re looking to do social media work, promotional videos, or even documentaries, this team is for you. We strive to help bring the ideas of our members to life. If you have an idea that you want to make, come make it with us. We will help provide you with the tools you need in a collaborative and social environment.





All other inquiries can be sent to Emma Hug