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Hear from CMU alums about our program!

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"Being a producer with MHTV has taught me new skills, as well as how to handle lots of production challenges. MHTV has helped me create content I'm passionate about and that viewers enjoy. I became a producer to better learn the production process and get more experience creating with a team of other people."

Hannah Vogel

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“Working as a producer for MHTV was the highlight of my career at CMU. Not only was I able to grow my skills in the field of production, but also learn how to tackle many challenges that come up making content. Nothing taught me more than all the late nights and creative problem solving of the team. Thanks to MHTV I feel more prepared for my career than I thought possible.”

Josh Bittick

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"I produce, because you see the results of hard work on screen, it's something you can revisit time after time. Producing with MHTV has taught me many lessons, one being that no idea is dumb."

Don Blubaugh

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"Having the opportunity to get involved with MHTV has been such an amazing experience. Getting involved in producing a show is a new experience for me with regard to the specific content in the show and I have learned so much about all the work that really goes into making a show. There are so many different ways to get involved, with the different elements of each show there is always somewhere to get involved and learn more about each aspect of the show. Working with other students to create a fluid show with different elements is amazing. Everyone that is involved with each show has an important job, from camera to editing, to directing and producing, the work that each person puts in is crucial to each show getting done on time. All the hard work that everyone put in can be seen in each step of the process, and when the final show is complete it is such a rewarding sight to see that the time put into creating the show really pays off."

Laura Shureb

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